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The name is SCHA. Pronounced similar to SHA but I live at malaysia, state at petagas. I'm in love w someone. but secret, i can't tell you who he is. just left a comment then i'll tell you. I'm a die-hard fan of purple,blue black and many more.Zirah,zariq,shernie,erra raz are my best friends, they're always by my side whenever I need them. My greatest enemies are Liar, Backstabber, Hypocrite and Nag. I hate them alot. World would be sucha better place without them all.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

I wish i can forget him/ PMR RESULTTTTTT

Iwish i can forget him. kenapa kau sllu ada time aku mau move on and mau ksi lupa kau? kau sllu jak txt aku, call aku sgla. suda kau ksi skit hti aku, kau tipu aku bnyak kali. mcm aku ptung teda prsn. kau add aku, kau remove kau add and kau rmove blik and nw kau add aku balik. Terasa diri aku lah pling budu. kdg'kdg aku mmng pndai rndu sma kau, tp aku xmau bgtau siapa'siapa klau aku rindu kau, chus you're my past time. i dont want to wasting my time to thinking of you, missing you. Hrtu kau bwa aku couple, tp aku nd trima, then the nxt day kau couple blik sma ex kau. tht time im so dissapointed w your atittude, bkn aku kcewa sbb aku msi syg kau. tp aku rsa kau ksi main'main aku. i guess i am a doll w no feelings. nvm, i'll try to forget you and hate you as long as im happy ;')

PMR RESULTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. im dissapointed and speechless. jelas dgn kwn'kwn yg ada A. nahhh guess wht? i only got 2B 4C 2D.yeahh for the others, this result mmng pass. but for me, result ni tidak memuaskan. i cant make my parents happy. i cant show it to my parets tht i can get A for ths PMR. tp ndapa, parents xbsing jga, asl xgagal. but stll IM DISSAPOINTED W MY RESULT :'( 

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